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NoonA80 Stable Arabic IPTV Box 400 Popular Live TV Channels Sport No Monthly Not Yearly Payment Life time Free Shipping
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NoonA80 Stable Arabic IPTV Box 400 Popular Live TV Channels Sport No Monthly Not Yearly Payment Life time Free Shipping

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No Monthly Not Yearly Payment Life time 400 channels arabic iptv box, 

Netflix and Youtube installed.

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One time payment Arabic IPTV box


The box including about 400 channels includes Arabic/English/Africa/Turkish/French channels,which are all very stable , no any free.

If you need channel list,please leave message,we will send channel list fast.

You can add channels to FAVORITE LIST.

It is plug and play.Just power on the box and connect to intenet, and you can enjoy tv directly. 

It support wifi and ethernet cable.

It is Life Time Free, no need any subscription. NO Monthly Payment, NO Yearly Payment.

Netflix and Youtube installed.


1.Android 7.1.2 Nougat

2.Quad-core Cortex-A7 CPU

3.Mali 400 GPU,750Mhz


5.2.4GHz Wifi

6.Support 4K Ultra HD resolution

7.Support H.265 decoding


1.TV or Monitor with HDMI

2.2*AAA Batteries

3.Network over 3Mb

Package Contents

1.TV Box A80 with life time free iptv

2.Power Adapter

3.Remoter Control

4.HDMI Cable                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


(1)2M Maroc(133)Hannibal TV
(2)Abu Dhabi Drama(134)Hawacom
(3)Abu Dhabi TV(135)HCTV
(4)AD Sport 1(136)Heya TV
(5)AD Sport 2(137)Hona Baghdad
(6)Aden TV(138)Iqraa
(8)Aghani Aghani TV(140)Iraqia Sport
(9)Aghapy TV(141)Ishtar
(10)Abu Dhabi Nat Geo(142)Jordan TV
(11)Ajyal(143)KALSAN TV
(12)Al Ahd(144)Karameesh
(13)Al Ahly TV(145)Karbala TV
(14)Al Anbar(146)KTV AL ARABI
(15)Al Anwar(147)KTV CH1
(16)Al Aoula Inter(148)KTV CH2
(17)Al Arabiya(149)KTV ETHRAA
(18)Al Araby TV(150)KTV S.Plus
(19)Al EKhbaria(151)KTV Sport
(20)Al Ekhbariya Al Soriya(152)LANA TV
(21)Al Emarat TV(153)Lbc Sat
(22)Al Fady(154)LDC
(23)Al Falastiniah(155)Libya Al-Ahrar TV
(24)Al Forat(156)Libya One
(25)Al Ghad TV(157)LIBYA RSMIA Ch
(26)Al Ghadeer(158)LIBYA TV
(27)Al Hadath(159)M CLASSIC
(28)Al Hayat(160)M TUNISIA
(29)Al Hayat Muslsalat(161)Majid Kids TV
(30)Al Hurra Iraq(162)Mazzika
(31)Al Iman TV(163)Mbc 1
(32)Al Iraqiya News(164)Mbc 2
(33)Al Jadeed(165)Mbc 3
(34)Al Janoubia TV(166)Mbc 4
(35)Al Jazeera Arabic(167)Mbc Action
(36)Al Jazeera Documentary(168)Mbc Bollywood
(37)Al Jazeera English(169)Mbc Drama
(38)Al Jazeera Mubasher(170)Mbc Masr
(39)Al Kahera Wal Nas(171)Mbc Masr 2
(40)Al Karma(172)Mbc Max
(41)Al Maghribia(173)Medi1 TV
(42)Al Majd(174)MESat
(43)Al Manar(175)MTV
(44)Al Masriya(176)Nat Geo Kids Abu Dhabi
(45)Al Mawsleya(177)NBN
(46)Al Mayadeen(178)Nessma
(47)Al Mehwer(179)Nile Cinema
(48)Al Mustakila(180)Nile Comedy
(49)Al Nahar(181)Nile Culture
(50)Al Nahar Drama(182)Nile Drama
(51)AL oula(183)Nile Family
(52)Al Quds(184)Nile Life
(53)Al Rafiden(185)Nile News
(54)Al Rahma(186)Nile Sport
(55)Al Rasheed(187)Nile TV
(56)Al Resala(188)Noor Dubai
(57)Al Saeedah(189)Noor El Sham
(58)Al Sharqia News(190)Noursat
(59)Al Sharqiya(191)Noursat Alchabab
(60)AL Sirat(192)Oman TV
(61)Al Sumaria(193)ON Drama
(62)AlAlam News(194)ON E
(63)Alfallujah TV(195)ON Live
(64)Algerie 3(196)ON Sport
(65)Althanya(197)Otv Lebanon
(66)Apple Aflam(198)Palestine
(67)Apple Cinema(199)Palestine Live
(68)Apple Comedy(200)Palestine News
(69)Apple Hekayat(201)Palestine Sport
(70)APPLE MOSLSALAT(202)Palestine Today
(71)Apple Today(203)Palestinian TV
(72)Arabica TV(204)Panorama Drama
(73)Arrabiaa(205)Panorama Drama 2
(74)Arriadia(206)Panorama Film
(75)Ashrooq TV(207)Panorama Food
(76)Assadissa(208)Press TV
(77)Attessia TV(209)Qatar TV
(78)Sports 1(210)Quest Arabiya
(79)Sports 2(211)Quran TV
(80)Sports 11(212)Rotana Aflam
(81)Sports 12(213)Rotana Cinema
(82)Sports 2(214)Rotana Classic
(83)Sports 3(215)Rotana Clip
(84)Sports 4(216)Rotana Drama
(85)B4U Aflam(217)Rotana Khalijiah
(86)B4U Plus(218)Rotana Music
(87)Sports 5(219)Roya
(88)Sports 6(220)Russia Al Yaum
(89)Sports 7(221)Sada El Balad
(90)Sports 8(222)Sada El Balad 2
(91)Sports 9(223)Sada Elbalad Drama
(92)BBC Arabic(224)Safa TV
(93)beIN Sport(225)Sama Dubai
(94)beIN Sport News(226)Sama TV
(95)Belody Aflam(227)Sama Yemen
(96)Blue Nile(228)Samira TV
(97)Cairo Cinema(229)Saudi 1
(98)Cairo Drama(230)Saudi 2
(99)Canal Algerie(231)Saudi 24
(100)Cbc(232)Saudi Quran
(101)Cbc Drama(233)Saudi Sport
(102)Cbc Sofra(234)Saudi Sunnah
(103)CGTN Arabic(235)Sheba TV
(104)Charity TV(236)Sky News Arabia
(106)Cn Arabia(238)SNTV HB
(107)CNN(239)Somali Cable
(108)CTV(240)Spacetoon Arabic
(109)Dijlah TV(241)Sudan Drama
(110)dmc(242)Sudan TV
(111)dmc drama(243)Syria Drama
(112)Dream2(244)Syria Satellite
(113)Dubai One(245)Taha TV
(114)Dubai Sports 1(246)Tayba TV
(115)Dubai TV(247)tele Liban
(116)Dubai Zaman(248)Tele Tchad
(117)Dzair TV(249)Ten TV
(118)Echorouk Benna(250)Toktok Cima
(119)Echorouk News(251)Toyor Al Janah
(120)Echorouk TV(252)TOYOR BABY
(121)El Bilad TV(253)Trt Elarabiye
(122)El Djazairia(254)Tunisia Nat 2
(123)EL FADJR TV(255)Tunisia Nat 1
(124)El Heddaf TV(256)Tunisie Televsion 1
(125)El Sharq(257)Tunisna
(126)Elhiwar Ettounsi TV(258)TV CORAN
(127)Ennahar TV(259)TV TAMAZIGHT
(128)ES TV(260)Wanasah
(129)FM(261)Yemen TV
(130)France 24 Arabic(262)Zaytoona
(131)Funoon(263)Zee Aflam
(132)Future Tv(264)Zee Alwan





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