Android TV BOX

Android (Smartphones, Android Box)

Download "IPTV Smarters Pro" at google playstore

or here


Install and open the software on your device. You can download IPTV Smarters Prolatest APK from: Playstore | iOS Store


Open the App and there you need to accept their terms of use for the first time.IPTV Smarters Pro Terms Of Use


As the TOU is accepted it will ask you to ADD NEW USERadding new user to iptv smarters pro


There are 2 ways of adding a profile/user of IPTV. 1 Login with Xtream Codes API and second Load your Playlist or File/URL.m3u and xtream codes api optionsFor File/URL click on first option and add the long URL of m3u or select downloaded m3u file and use any Name. Now click on Add User.adding iptv playlist via m3u file or m3u URL


To login via API we need to use m3u link login. here is the way of using data. An m3u link will look like this; . The login is inside this link. The usable links are marked in colors like: | username | password .xtream codes api login


Now you’re logged in and a profile has been created like this:Profile created on IPTV Smarters Pro


We’re successfully logged in and now are on dashboard. There you can see many options like LIVE TV, MOVIES, SERIES, INSTALL EPG, RECORDINGS, CATCHUP and 4 icons above of users, settings, account info and notifications. You can simple click on Live TV and enjoy services.IPTV Smarters Pro Dashboard



Other iptv software for android system     

Follow the following steps:

Go to the app store


Then Add M3U URLThen Add IPTV Channels


Android TV (Perfect Player)

Go to Google Play store and download Perfect Player IPTV

Please follow all 14 steps

1 – Open Perfect Player

2 – Go to Settings

3 – Now you are into Settings Page, Go to General

4 – Go to Playlist and enter Your URL and add by Name ALL IPTV after you done click on OK

5 – Go to EPG

6 – Enter your EPG URL after you done click on OK

7 – Go back to your Settings Page and go to Playback

8 – Check ONLY change system volume

9 – Go back to your Settings Page and go to GUI

10 – Check ONLY Show channels as group folder

11 – Restart Perfect Player

12 – Now you see channels list on the left side

13 – Press left the button on the remote controller now you have all channels on group folder

14 – Go to any folder and enjoy to watch all channels