Step 1: Download IPTV Extreme app

Install IPTV extreme or IPTV extreme pro app from google play store or download APK file
IPTV Extreme 1 app

Step 2: Open the app and wait for it loading

IPTV extreme

Step 3: Add IPTV extreme Playlist link

Here you can see the main page of this app. Instead of add playlist on IPTV extreme website, you can add M3u list directly by click on Three dot button on the top right corner and choose Playlists option.

IPTV extreme Playlist

To add your M3u list please choose File or link to playlist option. My recommendation is to add m3u link instead of the file.

Add Bestbuyiptv m3u list

Step 4: Add M3u list

On the Playlist Name section, you can enter any name. Paste your m3u link on the playlist link or select file section. Click OK. You will get a message ” New playlist is added successfully

Step 5: Wait for channel loading

Back to the main menu and wait for channels loading, it will take a minute.

load IPTV extreme m3u list

With IPTV Extreme the channel sorted by country, this app have the Favorites folder, search button and support EPG and logo for each channel.

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